L-Glutamine: The Benefits of Taking L-Glutamine Powder and Supplements

Published: 24th May 2010
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Glutamine powders are available in almost all health stores today and they have taken the world by storm ever since they have been introduced in the market. L-Glutamine is a very powerful amino acid which can be found in dairy products, poultry, fish, meats and beans. Glutamine supplements of all types and L-Glutamine powders too are rich in L-Glutamine which has several proven health benefits.

Scientific Evidences

Glutamine is used throughout the body in one way or the other. It is used by the immune system to maintain its ideal performance levels. Almost 60% of the free form amino acids which are found in the skeletal muscles comprise of L-Glutamine. It plays an important role for protein metabolism and it has several proven benefits for the body builders. With the help of glutamine supplements, body builders can reduce muscle deterioration levels in the body since the tissues needing glutamine would get enough dose from the supplement.

According to various researches, after an intense work out, the levels of glutamine in the body reduce by almost 50%. The body depends on glutamine for the immune systems and therefore glutamine supplements are needed in order to reduce the muscle tissue breakdown and in order to improve the protein metabolism in the body. Glutamine also has cell volumizing effects which are proven by several studies. According to a recent study, with just 2 grams of glutamine supplements, the hormone levels in the body increases which are responsible for growth.

Who Can Use L-Glutamine Powder?

L-Glutamine powder would be especially helpful to bodybuilders. Bodybuilders use a lot of glutamine present in the body during their work out and hence it is important to maintain the right level of glutamine in the body through glutamine supplements in order to keep the immune system working as it should. Muscle breakdown in the body can occur if the body uses the muscles for getting glutamine for use in the other parts of the body. For this reason, glutamine supplements are necessary in order to keep the muscles buildings.

The two main forms of glutamine are glutamine peptides and L-glutamine. It is best to take L-glutamine powder on an empty stomach. Once the powder in mixed in the solution, it should be consumed immediately.

Main Benefits

- Improves recovery after intense workouts

- Helps reduce the cravings for refined sugar and alcohol

- Improves the conditions for gastro intestinal tract

- Increases the cell volume which leads to higher protein synthesis levels

- Reduces the muscle catabolism

- Reduces the infection risks.

- Maintains the immune system even under physical stress

You can buy glutamine in the form of supplements and powders at almost any health and fitness store. Glutamine supplements should be used as per the instructions on the label of the products. Always stick to the recommended dose and consult your physician in case of any problems.

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