What Do Women Find Attractive in a Man? What You Should Know

Published: 12th October 2010
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What do women find attractive in a man? As a guy, I had to learn the hard way. As a geek in high school, I knew they liked jocks. So what did the jocks have that we geeks didn't have? For starters, they were hunks - literally. They worked out and were ripped. Second, they were good looking. They were well-groomed, didn't have zits and were usually tall. To top it off, they had charisma. They could literally charm the pants off a girl with a smile. Now this may seem shallow, but unfortunately, these are still the same qualities that women find attractive in a man. So what can you do to find yourself being a chick magnet?

For starters, you still need all of the above. Fortunately, there are things you can do to attract women, even if you don't look like Keanu Reeves or Brad Pitt.

Women Love Confidence

What do women find attractive in a man most? Self-confidence. If you act as if you are the most charismatic, gorgeous man in the room, women will find you attractive - even if you look like a toad! I don't mean act like a jerk. I mean, if you picture yourself looking like the latest and hottest model, you'll start to act that way, and your confidence will soar through the roof! I used to pretend that I was Brad Pitt.

Think about it. Brad Pitt is muscular, has dreamy blue eyes, and a million women love him. So I acted as if I really was him - and all that came with him, like confidence, women, and charm. Suddenly, I really did have confidence and started talking to women effortlessly. What else do women find attractive in a man?


Everyone loves a smile. A smile is warm and inviting. It tells women you're approachable, open and laid back. A smile connotes confidence. There's that word again. What do women find attractive when it comes to looks?

Look The Part

You don't have to look like Brad Pitt, but you definitely have to groom yourself and put your best face forward. I get a haircut every two weeks. I shave every day. I don't like the scruffy look, and neither do women. I put on nice-smelling cologne, and I make sure that I buy clothes that fit well, are well made, and match my personality. So what do women find attractive in men after looking the part? Intelligence.

Be Intelligent

Remember I said looks aren't everything? They're not, but they count for a lot. However, it's your intellect and personality that count more. I realized that one, once I got out of high school. I found that women loved the way I was able to have an intelligent conversation with them. So what I tend to do is make sure I read up on world events. I read interesting books. I go to museums. In other words, I broaden my horizons. Follow these tips and women will find you attractive whether you were blessed with the looks of Brad Pitt or cursed with the looks of Don Imus.

Are you still asking yourself, " what do women find attractive in a man?"

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